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Our technology connects online marketing campaigns to offline sales for you to visualize what is working and what is not.

What is offline conversion tracking?

For today’s brick and mortar businesses, a significant barrier to shifting advertisement budgets to the online channel is the inability to measure the effectiveness of an online advertisement campaign on offline sales.

Brand Offline solves this problem with our offline conversion tracking technology that allows businesses to identify which advertising works and which doesn’t.

Why is it essential?

It is essential for brick and mortar businesses to be able to track the users’ activity while interacting with online content for more effective advertising to potential customers.

We offer a cost effective way to measure the online advertising performance so businesses could determine their most effective online campaigns, customize ad content that the user is more likely to consume, reduce the budget for advertising, and increase sales and ROI.

We are capable of tracking


Brand Offline can show all marketing components that triggered an offline sale, such as specific platforms, campaigns, campaign terms and content, ads, keywords and more.


Customers can also find your business website in organic search results, without clicking on an ad. In this case, our algorithms will recognize this event and report the conversion source as ‘Organic’.


In addition, even if the client did not go online at all and found your place just driving by or from another marketing channel, like print advertising, we will track such offline conversion as a walk-in.

This is how it works

First, you’ll need to add a tiny tracking code to your website. The code will gather your website visitor’s information including the history of their interaction with your online ads.

Then, use our tool in the client’s dashboard to generate short UTM parameters, and add them to the final URLs of your online ads.

When a customer comes to your business and makes a purchase, your sales representative will need to enter the client’s mobile phone number into a tracking field on our online dashboard.

The customer will then receive a text message from our system and will need to confirm the purchase by clicking on the link in the SMS. The link will open a confirmation page and track the offline conversion.

Make your online ads transparent

And find out how exactly your marketing dollars are spent

More Potential Customers

Now you can track your most effective online ads and use them to reach even more customers.

Ad Expenses Reduction

Reduce your online marketing costs dramatically by disabling or optimizing ads that don’t work.

Direct Synchronization

Conversions are synced with marketing channels to track the campaigns’ performance directly from ad platforms.

Directional Insights

Determine the campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and messages that are driving offline sales.

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